Why Indian Abacus Indian Abacus Mental Arithmetic is the result of the background and the long lasting research of the organization , which has managed 3000 Abacus Training Centers.

Indian Abacus The Indian Abacus is for calculation. It does not require power to operate The nimble fingers of a young child can manipulate the sliders for calculation purposes. digital version meant for students changes the total scenario of Abacus learning, as the tool enables children to learn abacus computation on-line by accessing the website using computer/laptop. Learning, practising and taking assessments are all possible. The change that is brought about in learning environment for abacus learning is something unheard of till now. Indian Abacus - digital therefore enables children to learn more efficiently and effectively and the learning can happen anytime, anywhere & at the pace at which every child wants to learn

Indian Abacus Pvt. Ltd. has introduced for the first time in the world Indian Abacus Non Digital and digital versions which are the new generation tools which open an era new for abacus as a tool. Similarly the Indian Abacus program opens a new beginning to the learning of abacus based calculations. The advanced features of Indian Abacus make it possible. The clearly cut out colour images for numbers / values make the learning easier and faster. Indian Abacus design features enable children to capture images without much effort and anchor in memory better and faster. Indian Abacus thus takes the abacus calculation experience to a new level which has not been hither-to heard of.

While Learning While learning off-line, the student could see the numbers and values which appear on the LCD corresponding to the slider movements. The facility enables self-learning possible; helps in checking the answers, a feature that will enhance the child's confidence enormously. Indian Abacus - digital version meant for teachers is again a replica of Indian Abacus - digital meant for students except that the Teacher's version is bigger in size which makes it possible for the abacus tutor to train more efficiently and effectively. The other highlight in the Indian Abacus - digital teacher version is that for giving oral sums and for timing the activities the tutor can tune in the facility provided within the device, which the tutor can operate using a remote control to bring out oral audio outputs calling out sums. The activities could be timed as required and the devise regulates the activity perfectly and thus makes the tutor use the device very effectively supplementing to the training provided to the children. The Indian Abacus Non Digital and digital versions are therefore a class apart, giving new dimensions to the abacus learning for an era new. Indian Abacus Pvt. Ltd., with the products of the latest technology and the program/course carefully prepared offers to the willing & promising entrepreneurs National, State, ,Franchise and Abacus Tutors opportunities.

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