Our Facilities

Our Facilities -

  • Campus built over 118350 Sqft (11,000 Sqm) OR 1.10 Hac. area.
  • Clean and green Surrounding.
  • Spacious, airy fully ventilated classrooms.
  • Smart boards for digital teachings.
  • Labs for science and computers.
  • A spacious multi storied library.
  • Room for music and dance.
  • Play grounds for football, basketball, volleyball, kabaddi and various sports.
  • Facilities for indoor games.
  • Open theatre for various activities.
  • Pure and clean drinking water.
  • Conveyance facility.
  • Strictly English speaking environment.
  • Experienced and learned faculty for teaching.
  • Introduction for activities.
  • Art and Crafts.
  • Danced and Music(vocal and instruments).
  • Yoga and physical activities.
  • Debate, Education and Public speaking.
  • Science model making.
  • GD and personality development.
  • Various indoor and outdoor sports.
  • Various cultural activities in VIBGYOR.

The Campus of the school is situated in a rural setting devoid of hustle and bustle of urban life and in a quiet, friendly environment. Our school has a three storied building in almost centrally located on 18 Bigha land and is designed to reflect modesty, discipline and aesthetics in the form and functionally facilitative. Its special arrangement has been made to suit its activities.

Some Facilities are -

Hobby Centre : Clay modeling, flower making, sketching, oil painting, gardening etc. are actively encouraged and qualified professionals are made available on part time basis to guide the students in exploring their interests

Dance and Music Room : To keep the students close to Indian Culture and tradition, students are given the choice to join classical music or dance classes conducted by professional gurus or teachers.

Multiple Playing fields : The school provides multiple fields for all major games and sports to keep the students physically fit and develop healthy competition with team spirit. Sports and games also help in character building and discipline. Specially trained coaches for Football, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Kho-Kho etc. are employed for necessary coaching. It is compulsory for students to play at least one game.

Yoga and Meditation Room : In order to give value orientation to the students a well designed program has been chalked out to teach the student about his own self, his/her relationship with the society, country, the universe and the divine. Yoga, meditation and prayers form integral parts of this value based teaching.

Audio & Visual Room : Welcome to the multimedia learning center. We provide our students well equipped Audio-Visual room. The core design of the school is digitalization and multifunctionalization with collaboration to Next Education. We provide a variety of audio-visual materials and comfortable environment for students and staff to perform their studies.

Maths Lab : The children learn the concepts of Mathematics in this lab which makes them confident in using these concepts for Text Book learning and day to day life.

Computer Lab : Information Technology has been given an equal importance in the school – curriculum. In this regard, the school provides a well-furnished computer lab. All systems are upgraded with new technology, connected on LAN with a centralized server. Systems are also capable for multimedia uses. Users can share the resources and peripheral from any of the systems.

Science Lab : The science laboratory is well equipped with all the necessary Equipments. This has been developed as per the C.B.S.E. requirements

Library : Well equipped library with all types of reference books, encyclopedias, story books, fiction books and many more books are made available. The students have library period in their Daily Time-Table.

Medical Checkups : The doctor is available at beck and call. The students are given immediate attention on emergencies and whenever necessary. Regular Medical and Dental check-ups are done in every term for which proper record is maintained. these checkups are repeated twice.

Hymns : It all begins with Morning Prayers for self, school and the nation at large. The sacred ambience empowers the mind of the students to accept all variants and churn out the required efficaciously. News reading, thought of the day, comments on the current happenings and a moral lecture on human values is generally part of the assembly.

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