Vibrant Academy adopts a learning methodology that is based on audio visual teaching and some scientific methods developed by MEXUS INDIA. We, at Vibrant Academy train teachers in such a manner that they easily adopt the new technology started by Vibrant Academy.

Team Mexus is a dynamic mix of intellectual professionals, managerial team, enterprising investors and an experienced advisory board. Deriving its futuristic outlook from its dynamic mix, Mexus is poised to accomplish its mission and realise its vision. Proud of its team’s competence, Mexus perennially nurtures an atmosphere where people’s imagination takes true shape; which ultimately translates into value-addition to its endeavours. Such a futuristic outlook has been instrumental in driving and directing Mexus towards being the best.

Bilakhia Holdings Mexus Education is an education innovations enterprise of the multi-faceted Bilakhia Group based in Vapi (Gujarat). Bilakhia Group is a renowned name in industries such as inks, resins, adhesives, wire enamels, agro-chemical and life science industries. The Bilakhia Holdings have made major strategic and visionary investments in development of new age products and services to cater to the urgent needs of the country’s 1.8 million moribund primary and secondary schools.

iKen Library : iKen Library is an all-inclusive platform for hosting lesson resources, navigation and ease of presentation and discussion; so teacher would prefer to use them while teaching.

iKen Evaluate : A unique technology-based assessment system enables teachers to conduct assessments on daily basis and generate performance reports.

iKen Learning Lab : A dedicated space set-up within the school nurtures application orientation among students.

iKen English Lab : This unique English learning programme prepares the student/learner to communicate in English with clarity and confidence.

iKen ERP :This is an automated administrative process that performs functions from fee collection to timetable management.

iken Brain-E-Kids : A dedicated space set-up within the school nurtures application orientation among students.

iKen D&T Lab : India’s first Activity based learning lab for schools which encourages the student to explore, develop and apply scientific ideas and concepts through activities!

iKen Scientifica :A platform where children can explore, experiment, ideate & innovate scientific concepts.

iken class powered by MEXUS EDUCATION : (initiated by BILAKHIA GROUP) facilitate Highly animated lesson plans, Iken class science Lab., Pictorial Maps, Videos, Mind maps, Iken library, Language Lab, English grammar, Maths tools and videos of mathematical solution with highly qualified interactive teachers.

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